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Free A text editing tool to help programmers to edit and create their code
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Free Text Pad is much more than the average text pad. Designed mainly to help programmers to edit and create their code using just one single tool, it supports more than 40 types of text files, each with its customized set of color codes, to help you quickly discriminate labels from text, code from comments, and parameters from commands.

To mention only a few, Free Text Pad will open any Assembler, C++, Fortran, XML, HTML, Java, JavaScript, LaTeX, Pascal, PHP, SQL, or Visual Basic file, and will allow you to edit it comfortably and to save it in its original format or to export it into RTF or HTML. This is not a tool to view the layout of your HTML, DOC, or PDF documents – the program shows you the code behind these files, and it will only make sense when this code is editable, as it happens with, using this example, HTML files.

The program will automatically detect the format of the file you wish to work with, and will apply an exclusive layout with a specific color code, which can be easily customized to better fit your preferences. Apart from the basic editing tools you expect to find in similar text pads, there are also a number of utilities that are worth mentioning. Thus, with Free Text Pad you can perform complex searches to help you locate and replace those elusive elements that tend to hide in endless code files, or to set up bookmarks to highlight those passages you need to go back to frequently. The layout options will allow you to number the lines, to wrap up the text at the end of the line, to mark all white space for clarity, etc. The list of options do not end here, but I will leave it to each programmer to pick up that set of tools that makes their work easier.

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Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent search and replace functionality
  • Specific Color Codes for each file type
  • 40+ file formats supported


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